Driving the future, honouring the past

Revive the charm of classic cars with affordable and high-performance electric conversions.

1985 Land Rover Discovery - Black

Our vision

Voltique was born from a love for classic cars and a passion for sustainability. We want to help you drive your dream car – and we want to do it in a way that’s good for the planet. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to high-volume production of electric conversions for classic cars. Not only does this make these beautiful vehicles more environmentally friendly, but it also allows us to offer them at more accessible prices.

About our process

What we do

Each car we convert is more than a vehicle – it’s a piece of history, brought into the future. Our expert team takes classic cars and carefully transforms them into electric powerhouses, maintaining their original charm while improving performance and sustainability.

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1985 Porsche 911 in Black
1991 BMW E30 - Black

Why choose us

We value both quality and affordability.
We’re committed to providing excellent service, top-tier workmanship, and transparent pricing. And with our higher-volume model, we’re able to pass savings onto you, making the dream of owning a classic car more attainable.

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Classic in look, modern in performance. This is what Voltique stands for. Contact us today and step into the future without leaving the past behind.